Flagstone Restoration

  • July 16, 2013
Back patio flagstone  sealed

Back patio flagstone sealed BEFORE

Back Patio cleaned and sealed!

Back Patio cleaned and sealed!AFTER


Sealing or Resealing Flagstone?

We do that

Yes at Pave Cleaner we Reseal Flagstone patios, decks and walkways – no job is too big, no job is too small. Resealing Should always be Done by Professional Experienced With Bonding Sealer Together Not applied the top of the Current Sealer, ealers Must Be Bonded To Form one Clean Sealed Surface. Applying Sealer on Sealer Creates Layers of Sealant that  is known as Sealant on Sealant and tends to leave a flaky white unappealing surface.

Sealant on Sealant?

Yes we at Pave Cleaner  can fix the Sealant on Sealant. The White haze to your Sealed Surface or White Flaky Sealant on top that Won’t Go Away is Sealant on Sealant. This is becouse a Bonding a  Agent is needed to Create ONE Sealed Surface. We at Pave Cleaner Know All About Sealed Surfaces. Call Today



Pave Cleaner LLC Can make your old flagstone look like this!